Secondary cancer after prostate radiation, Breakthrough in cancer diagnostics - the Hungarian company has developed a specific tracer

Bácsi Éva Leave a Comment on Breakthrough in cancer diagnostics — the Hungarian company has developed a specific tracer The development of the Positron Diagnostic Center for hundreds of millions of forints in the lives of people diagnosed with prostate cancer can bring a breakthrough; The tracer material developed by the innovative Hungarian healthcare company shows the metastases in patients more accurately than any previous method — Szabolcs Szakáll, a nuclear medicine specialist and medical director of the Positron Diagnostics Center, told MTI.

The company won more than HUF million in funding for the project leading to the development, including the research and production of PSMA-specific tracers radiopharmaceuticalsin the tender of the Research and Technological Innovation Fund operated by the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation.

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The total cost of the project, which closes in Februaryis HUF million and the own resources are HUF million, so the aid intensity is 50 percent, with an expected return of years. Through health development, it was the first in Hungary in the region to open up the A prosztatitis remisszió szakasza of using a high-precision PSMA-specific tracer in the examination of prostate cancer patients.

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In the first year after the introduction of the special procedure, Pozitron-Diagnosztika Kft. Undertook to carry out a few hundred PSMA testsof which have already secondary cancer after prostate radiation successfully completed. Thousands of examinations are planned in the coming years, so in the years after the project closes, the investment can only pay off from this one source, while thousands of people will be helped by a more accurate diagnosis, emphasized András Kókay, managing director of the Positron Diagnostics Center.

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Szabolcs Szakáll drew attention to the fact that according to statistics, prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in men in Hungary, which is the fifth leading cause of death, typical of aging European societies in general.

The study is also available with private funding, on the recommendation of a specialist.

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Pozitron-Diagnosztika Kft. The company has been carrying out research and development activities sinceand in addition to medical services, it also produces isotopes used in diagnostics, which are produced in the particle accelerator cyclotron of their own radiochemical plant. Operating profit decreased to HUF million from million inand the pre-tax profit was similar.

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The Positron Diagnostic Center produces more than 17, patient-dose radiopharmaceuticals per year.